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Welcome to the Laboratory for the Study of Child and Family Relationships!

    Our research focuses on:

  • The development of adaptive and maladaptive social behaviors (social competence; social withdrawal; aggression) and peer relationships (friendship; peer acceptance and rejection; early romantic relationships) in childhood and adolescence.

  • The determinants and stability of parent-child relationships, parenting behaviors and beliefs about normal and abnormal/dysfunctional development.

  • Cultural influences on parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s social and emotional development.

  • Predicting the development of adaptive and dysfunctional child and adolescent outcomes from the constellation and inter-mix of biological factors (e.g., temperament), context (e.g., culture), parenting and parent-child relationships, and peer relationships. Positive outcomes include social and emotional competence. Negative outcomes include social anxiety, depression, loneliness, and negative self-esteem.

  • The effects of traumatic brain injury on children’s social, social-cognitive, and emotional lives at home and school.

  • The effects of intervention experiences for socially anxious and withdrawn young children.

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